Porn Stars

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♦ The cum show’s over for tonight, and I can’t believe my aunt thinks I don’t know she’s watching. I still position myself so it appears I can’t see her observing, but still it seems a stretch to believe she’s clueless. I really got into it tonight because you’ve got me so damned hot I need to fuck somebody…now. This was a particularly sweet cum and it went all over me and the fucking room. I was thinking about you sucking me off…jacking my cock fast enough to get me off deep inside your warm mouth. You choked a little from the volume, but it worked out. I also had a nice thought of giving you a porn star type fuck while she watched. Oops? I’m not sure if you’re up to giving my MILFY aunt such a hot show, my friend.

I’d rather she was just forced to listen at first, but she can watch, too, so long as she knows when to continue sweeping things under that rug and to avoid the fact that we all know she watched.

♦ You’re so fucking hot I can’t stand it.


Anniversary Gift

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You’re getting ready for an anniversary dinner with your boyfriend when you hear the doorbell ring. A look through the peephole shows me standing outside with a wicked grin on my face. You’re slightly annoyed at the interruption because you were still in just your black, ribboned thong while you decided on the right bra. You open the door and wave me inside, saying we’d have to talk while you finished dressing. That was alright with me because you looked so fucking hot in that thong. I recognized it from the pictures you sent me after you bought it, not a week prior, and I felt my cock start to firm up as you walked toward your bedroom.

“You’ll have to hurry it up, my friend. We’re going out tonight.”

That wasn’t a problem as I watched your perky breasts bounce while you walked across the room in front of me. Your nipples firmed up as I watched, and I wanted to think you were getting hot as you showed off your body for me, but maybe it was just a cool breeze. I watched as you slipped on a lacy, black, strapless bra and decided to speak up before you did the clasp.

“I thought we might have a little fun before your boyfriend comes home.”

There, it was out.

You chuckled at the suggestion and informed me that it was too late in the day for that and, besides, it was your anniversary and hot sex play with me would be totally inappropriate on today of all days, even within our sordid triangle of a relationship.

Bullshit, I thought, as I walked over to you, picked you up and roughly deposited you in the center of your king size bed. I covered your body with mine and held your arms above your head as  I grasped the front of your bra with my teeth and yanked it off. You gasped as I covered one of your breasts with my mouth and sucked on your nipple as hard as I could. You struggled to get up, but my hold on you was firm enough to prevent your escape. As you squirmed beneath me, you let out an aggravated sigh, which you quickly followed up with, “Damn it, this isn’t right!” I laughed, “And that’s why you love it, my decadent friend.” That shut you up for a minute, and I continued alternately sucking and licking your nipples to incredible hardness. After a few minutes of moving from one breast to the other, you let your body go limp beneath me.


You were enjoying my tongue moving down your body when I thought of a new element for our illicit union.

“Get your boyfriend on the phone and tell him to warm you up for me.”

That should be a nice touch to his side of your anniversary, I thought, and you were apparently too far gone to argue with me. You looked in my eyes and nodded your ascent. I grabbed the bedside phone and dialed his number myself before handing the receiver to you. Finally, he answered, and you spoke in your sexiest little girl voice, “Baby? Our mutual friend is here for a visit, and we were wondering if you’d mind warming me up for him.” Silence…then, “Right now,  he’s resting his head between my legs, watching me finger my pussy.”

Yeah, that’s what I wanted, because he should get something out of this, as well.

“Yes, baby, one second,” you said as you pulled your attention back to me. “He wants to know if you have a nice hard-on for me right now. Do you?”

That’s my boy! Get into it!

I told you that my cock was as hard as it’s ever been. Apparently, that wasn’t good enough for you, though, as I then received a, “Show me your cock. I need to see if you’re lying to us or not.”

Trying not to slow down the action, I stripped off my jeans and brought my cock right up next to your face.

“Oh fuck, baby. He wasn’t lying at all. It’s hard as a fucking rock.”  You took advantage of the close proximity and wrapped your warm fingers around my hard-on. “It feels so hard, baby, and you should see how much the veins are sticking out. I’m going to have to suck it right now, so hold on…”

You dropped the phone to the bed and quickly slipped your lips over the head of my cock, swirling your tongue around the rim before you moved me further into the moist warmth of your mouth. Between the superb mouth action and your use of both hands to jack me off, I was on the verge of filling your mouth with my warm, creamy cum. But, before I could achieve that elusive orgasm, you released my cock and picked up the phone.

“Are you still there, baby? … Yes, I thought you might hear me sucking him off. Did you like it?”

This was perfect. Something for everyone on your special day, and I could really feel the love. It would be interesting to hear your boyfriend’s responses, but it was easy enough to fill in the blanks.

Your sexy voice brought me back when you proclaimed, “Yes, baby,  he’s been doing a great job of taking up your slack, and I think it’s time to give him what he wants. Don’t you?”

You were slowly stroking my cock as you said this, and you were giving me the most seductive look ever.

“I will, baby. And don’t get too excited with all those people around you.”

With that, you put the phone aside, but kept it off the hook.

“Well, my friend, if that spectacular hard-on is for me, then let’s put it to good use.”

Your sexy look was priceless, and I watched you start to slip your panties off.

“Wait!” I practically shouted… “Leave them on, and just move them aside for me.”

You smiled, pleased that you’d be able to retain your pretty panties while I soundly fucked your soaking wet pussy. You reached down and pulled them to one side, exposing the beautiful pussy I’d only recently come to know, except now it was wetter and dripping juices down your slit and onto your bed. I told you how beautiful you were at that moment, and you told me to hurry up and put my cock inside of you before you changed your mind. I knew that was entirely possible, so I moved between your legs and positioned my cock as fast as I could, but then started slipping it inside of you one inch at a time, slowly and surely, until I was up to the hilt in your moistness. Damn, that was good! Your eyes rolled back, telling me you were loving it just as much as I was. I leaned down and whispered just loudly enough for the receiver to catch, “Are you ready for a very sweet fuck?” It was a rhetorical question, but you managed to moan an affirmative reply as I started fucking you with increasing vigor. There was no doubt that yours was the most delicious pussy I’ve ever had, and, judging from your reaction, you were quite pleased, as well.

“Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me… Fuck me harder!”

Your not-so-subtle wish was my command, and I proceeded to fuck you like you’ve always wanted. Damn, I loved taking up your boyfriend’s slack, no matter what was required to do so. I could only hope that you’d want repeats of what was turning into a very hot fuck for both of us. I was fucking you long and deep, and your hips were responding in kind…reaching up to pull me even deeper into your wetness. Oh, baby, this was it! I felt the cum moving through me until I exploded deep inside of you, filling you to overflowing with the cum you love so much. Just as I was finishing, you went to the top yourself, stifling a scream that your boyfriend might have heard even without the phone handy. Motherfucker. The cum still flowed from me as your own moisture surrounded my hardness, and some of it ran out of you and onto the bed, mixing with your own juices.

We pressed close together as our orgasms slowly subsided. I’m not sure how long we lay together afterward, but I was almost in an unconscious state when I heard you talking to your boyfriend again.

“Yeah, baby, he did a great job, and I’m afraid there’s no going back. He’s going to be taking up your slack any time I want it, baby. Anniversaries included.”

Good! That answered my concern for repeat fucking down the road, and I was thrilled enough that my cock started to harden again.

“Oh, baby, this is so cute. He’s getting hard again.”

I had to laugh a little at that remark while you finished up the aural part of your boyfriend’s inclusion in our fun.

“…And if his car is still here when you come home, baby, don’t come in. We may be busy.”

You finally hung up the phone and moved back next to me, reaching for my cum-covered cock and stroking its growing hardness, looking in my eyes with feigned innocence.

“We may have time for another round, my friend. Are you in the mood?”

I laughed out loud at that one as I moved on top of you and started fucking you for the second time of the night. Life was good, and I intended to make sure that your boyfriend got something out of our hot sex acts, too. Before I started to cum again, I told you that I was going to withdraw my cock and cover your belly with my cum. You looked at me with a question in your eyes, and I told you that it would be for your boyfriend.

“Tell him that it’s my gift for him when he’s licking all of my cum off of you, inside and out.”

You got the biggest smile in response because it sounded so fucking naughty, and we all know how you love anything naughty.

“I couldn’t think of a better anniversary gift, my friend. I’m glad you came by today.”

You pulled my head down to yours and gave me a brief but thrilling tongue kiss, squeezing my cock with your pussy as you did so. It was electric, and I began fucking you with wild abandon until I pulled out and covered your belly with the biggest load of cum I’ve ever produced. We both watched as the cum was pooling on your skin and smiled. Your boyfriend was in for a very special treat tonight.

Blind Carbon Copy: Telephone

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I fucked your girlfriend tonight. I thought of calling you and having you listen while she begged me to fuck her harder and fill her with my cum, but I couldn’t rip myself from the warmth of her wet pussy long enough to do it, so I’m settling for this… for now.

She’s not coming home tonight. Expect a call tomorrow.

I Came

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I want you tonight. A night without homework. A night without cares. I want you when you’re ready for a hot, sweaty fuck that will leave you totally spent. And that’s only the beginning. I want to taste the sweetness of your beautiful pussy, and for you to taste the heat as you suck my cock to your heart’s content. We’ll do whatever we want and get off like never before. The hottest, sweetest sex you’ve ever had will be the order of the night, and you’ll be in heaven when I use slight force in ways you never imagined. And “no” is not an acceptable answer to this. Enjoy the early shift with your boyfriend, and then come to me for a night of passion you’ll never forget.

Tease: A Tale of Two Friends

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◊ While you’re at your sister’s house today, I’ll be sleeping off the fuck night I just had with ****. Enjoy your day. : )

♦ Fucker! I knew that lucky bastard would get to you before I did. Are you here or did he come to you? That son of a bitch. That lucky ass son of a fucking bitch. My wife is going to shit when I tell her. I hate him! I’ve got to fuck something now, but it’s not the best time if you know what I mean. That crazy fuck. I can’t believe it.


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I’ve got a huge motherfucking craving to fuck you senseless. I want you more right now than ever before, and it’s driving me fucking crazy. I got off eight times today and I’m still hard as hell thinking about thrusting deep and hard into your pussy. I’m going insane, babe. I just know I am.

Crime and Punishment

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I wish that I already knew how you’re feeling tonight because I want to fuck you so badly my cock is about to burst. It’s rarely this painfully hard. It would be great if you put on your thigh highs and lab coat, examined my cock, and then prescribed a hard fucking for what ails me. Since you’re the doctor, I implore you to alleviate my condition before it worsens.


(After a 30 minute hiatus and no response from me because I was out of town and out of reach…)

Damn. I don’t think you’re around tonight, and my cock needs your loving attention desperately. I may warm your pretty bottom for deserting me when I need your pussy so much. Yeah. You can count on a nice spanking for this.

(He wasn’t kidding.)